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Multifunctional sandwich bread pan

Multifunctional sandwich bread pan

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Small frying pan, sandwich breakfast pan

(1) Color: black

(2) Inside: double-layer black non-stick coating

(3) Outside: high temperature baking varnish

(4) Applicable scope: gas stove

(5) 30% energy saving

(6) No oily fume, keeping nutrients in food.

1. Non-stick pan: no limit to cooking materials: such as sugar, sauce, sticky rice, etc., no limit to any temperature, whether it is cold pan, hot pan, or oil-free; no restrictions on operation methods and techniques to completely achieve non-stick pan;
2. Super non-sticky: all liquids such as syrup, oil, etc. can be separated by themselves, just like the water droplets on the lotus leaf.
3. The most evenly heated pot: The heat conduction speed of the material is more than twice that of the ordinary non-stick pot, and the thermal efficiency is super high.

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