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Ice Recovery Bath

Ice Recovery Bath

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❄️ Ultimate Recovery Ice Bath Tub -

Elevate Your Cold Therapy Experience 🧊 

Spacious Comfort for Optimal Recovery.

Say goodbye to cramped recovery sessions! Our ice bath has been expertly designed to provide you with the comfort and space you deserve. 

❄️ All-Weather Lid Included

As a bonus, we include a free all-weather lid with your ice bath. This elasticated cover fits snugly over your ice bath, effortlessly keeping unwanted debris at bay. Not only does it protect the cleanliness of your water.

🌡️  5 Layer Insulated Fabric:

Stay cool, comfortable, and in control with our advanced 5 layered insulated fabric. Our cutting-edge insulation technology ensures that your desired temperature is maintained for longer durations. 

🎨 Sleek and Stylish Design

Our ice bath comes in a sleek black colour, adding a touch of style to your recovery space, It's the perfect fit for any environment, whether it's your home gym, spa, or personal wellness sanctuary.

📦 What's Included?

❄️ Benefits of the Ice Bath 🧊

Indulging in an ice bath offers a myriad of invigorating benefits that extend beyond the initial chill. This practice, often embraced by athletes and wellness enthusiasts, promotes rapid recovery by reducing inflammation and muscle soreness.


Elevate your recovery journey with the Ultimate Recovery Ice Bath Tub.


It's time to prioritise your well-being and experience the difference that spacious comfort, all-weather protection, and advanced insulation can make. Invest in your recovery today and embrace a new level of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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